Hoadly - BX5136 H6

of CONFORMITY. Baxter thought an Uniformity in the po- flares of the Receivers, and howwilling they ought tobe to hear reafons to bring thedi to it. But, Thirdly, As to theTime, He abfolutely refufed to give it him at a diflina Time from others, tho' he fern- pled to receive it at the fame time with them. Now here, if I be not mifiaken, are to be found the very crimes which are laid by you at the door of the Church ofEngland 5 and fomewhat more. In the f'rfl place, Here is an honeíi Chriflian dew nied the Communion on the account of force fcruples he might have, about fub- mitting toMr. Baxter as his Paflour, and to his difcipline : fuch fcruples as affe&}ednot his Chrflianity, or his behaviour at the publick worfhip; which feems tocome ve- ry near thecafe determined by St. Paul in the fourteenth chapter to the Romans. In the Second place, He is denied the recep- tion of the Holy Sacrament in the man- ner which feems befi to him , unlefs He will hear reafons again it, and profefi he cannot honeflly tale it otherwfe. That is, he is denied it, ifhe fhould be fo weak, andprepofíéfs'd, as to fcruple what a man might fcruple out of a great regard to the prefcriptions ofhis ejected Bi(hop, and H 2 yet 99