Hoadly - BX5136 H6

Of CONFOKMITY. IOI occafion given to heat and uncharitable centimes. Had Mr. Baxter been fure he fhould have fet all his people in Harries; I fee not how, according to his arguings againft the Church, he could with a fafe confcience, deny the Communion to this Gentleman, were his fcruples never fo un- reafonable, and weak. Now I have this charge againft this carriage of Mr. Bax- ter's. Here was a thing as unneceffary as Kneeling enjoined; and that under the higheft penalty, viz,. No Communion. From whence I colle& that it could not be Mr. Baxter's opinion that a Command, by having a difproportionable penalty an- nexed, becomes unlawful. Here were ne'w Terms ofcommunion impofed upon a Chri- ftian. and as contrary to Chrz[i's as the impoftion of Kneeling can be. Ciirift Pays, as you think, Receive a Chri[tian, tho' he be fo weak as to take things law- ful for unlawful; yet Mr. Baxter refuted a Chriflian, whole only crime it was to be fo weak. From whence I conclude that when he was a Governour himfelf, it was not his judgment, that it was unlaw- ful to lay down fuch prefcriptions, as do indeed become New TermsofCommunion ; that it was not his judgment that St. H 3 134114 ..., ..