Hoadly - BX5136 H6

4 o2 The i.eafanablene fs Paul, inthefourteenth to the Romans, fpake of fuch fcruples as refpeec the publick wor fhip ; or undertfood by the weak in Faith, every perfon who was fo weak as tojudge a law¿il thing to be unlawful. For we fee fuch a weaknefs maybe ofthat confequence, in. Mr. Baxter's opinion, as that the per- fon who is fo weak ought not to be recei- ved to Communion. Upon this I cannot help making this reflexion, that the dif- pute between Vs andTou is not, whether there Iüall be any impofitions or no, but whether they (hall be fuch as Ours or Toyrs ; whether the Bifhops (hall prefcribe what they think fit, or whether every par- ticular MinFier (hall be left to himfelt, to make what Terms ofCommunion he thinks ,fit 5 to receive, or reje6t whom hepleafes, and on what condition lie judges proper. It is too plain this will be theconfequence of wreíing this power out of the Bifhops hand: ; and that this is thepraecice where- ev r a feparate Minifìry is erer`.&ed;: and we leave it to all the world to judge, whether t F° r3jh2ps have not as much right to rnal eltefe Terms, as every Pafour and Ç ratc5 and whether the Chriflia world be more likely to fuffer by all M.inifßers aging according to their prefcriptions, than