Hoadly - BX5136 H6

Of CoNFOK.MITY. 103 their than by their a&ingonsding to and own humours and opinions, pad-ions prejudices. Thus have I carefully conldered the Cafe of Impoftions, which feems to be the great hindrance in your way to Confor- mity ; and have chofen to argue with you upon this matter chiefly from your own conceflions,and your own pra&ices; which appears to me to bc- fo convincing a me- thod, that I cannot but hope that you will once more review this part of your caufe 5 and that, in arguing againft the impofitions of the Church of England, you will either thew us, that you allow no fuch ;ropy/lions, either in your declara- tions, or pra&ice ; or elfe reafon again{} them from fuch principles, as conclude not againft all as well as force. Till you do this, we mull think, either that you are not fincere in drawing up this heavy charge againft the Church, while you allow and practice the very thing you condemn ; or that you are not fenfible whither thefe arguments tend. But I proceed. 6. A fixth Reafon why you cannot conform as Minifiers is, becaufe this Af fent, Confeet, and Subfcription would be 11 4