Hoadly - BX5136 H6

Of CONFORMITY. 13$ ged with a becoming Gravity and ferionf- nefs, asyou iii ïnuate, it is the fault ofthe Bifhop who officiates; for i am lure it may, be managed moil gravely and ferionfly, be - caufe I know it hath often been fo mana- ged, and withgreat and vifible advantage to many, And, what is there in it that a Chriflian ought not to comply with ? And why mull this be called a Diocefan ceremony, when an effential part of it is the molt folemn profej con of Chriflianity, to be madeby the Perlons to be confirm- ed ? Betides, I have Phewnbefore that ycdu could have joined in ipnpofing fome things upon the people, whichwould have exclu- ded many fcrupulous perlons fromCommu- nion; and,therefore,this cannot be an argu- ment toyou again{t conforming asMiniflers. Thus have I gone over all your reafons againft the fecond thing required of Mini- fiers in the Church of England, whichyou think unreafonable, viz,. Agent and Con- fent, and Subfcription : and have remark, ed, under every i-lead, whatever appear- ed convincing to my felf, or apt to fatisfy You. I mutt proceed now to the Third. III. The Third thing required ofMini, fiers in the Church ofEngland, which you think unreafonable, is, To take the Oath N4 of