Hoadly - BX5136 H6

136 The .Reafonabienefs ofCanonical Obedience; andfwear fisbje- í`lion to their Ordinary according to the Ca- nons of the Church. This you cannot do, and, therefore cannot conform as Miniflers. Here I mutt obferve to You, that you are guilty of two miftakes in the very drawing up of this Article. T. Youhere infers there words , according to the Canons of the Church : for in thatformofwords to which the Perlons to be ordained are to anfwer, in order to declare they will obey their Ordinary and their Superiours, there is no mention of theCanons of this Church ; but the words are, following with aglad mind, and will, theirgodlyadmonitions, and fub- mitting your felves to their godly judge- ments. And it is a little hard indeed that Tuch aformof words as this cannot pleafe you. How can you fay, that this is ob- liging your felves to an abfolute Obedience to them ; or, that this declarationdothnot leave youfo much as a judgment ofdifre- tion, when the words do not import any thing like it ? when they wouldhave been )uít the fame, had there not been one Ca- von fettled in this Church; and would cera vainly have been very different fromwhat they are, if an unreflrained, and unlimit- ed obedience badbeen thought ofby thofe who