Hoadly - BX5136 H6

of CoNFO,RMITY. who put them into this Form ? And, 2. You (peak as ifno one could be Ordained in theChurch ofEngland, without taking the Oath of Canonical Obedience : which is not trues for this Oath is not to be found in the Ordination-Office : and there- fore I mull obferve to you, that though I had invincible fcruples againtl this parti- cular Oath, yet, if I thought my felf un- der a neceffity of miniftring in fome Church or other, I would rather mini- tier in this Church as far as I could with- out taking it, than divide the Communion of Chriflians on this account. I fay not this becaufe I thinkit in the leaf unrea- fonable to require all Minfiers to take this Oath (in the true fenfe of the words) to the Bifhop of the Diocefe in which their charge lies; or becaufe I think your argu- ments againtl it unanfwerable : for I thall now endeavour to thew that it is not unreafonable, and that your arguments a- gaintl it do not prove it fo. In order to this, let us enquire freely, and without prejudice, into the true meaning, and intent of this Oath. A per- fon coming to fettle in the Diocefe of one particular Bifhop s to exercife his Office tinder his eye and infpetlion ; is obliged to 37