Hoadly - BX5136 H6

138 The Reafonablene f c to declare upon Oath, that he will pay obedience to him in thefe words, .1 finear, that Iwillyield True and Canonical Obedi- ence to the Bifhop of ---- and his Succef- fours, inall lawful and hone things : which I think cannot be interpreted any other- wife than thus; I fivear that I will yield filch an obedience as is due, according to the Laws of Chrift's Church, from an in- feriour Presbyter to his Bithop, viz..a fin- cere, ready, and fubmíf five Obedience, in all lawful and honefl things, i. e. provi- ded He enjoin nothing, but what I ap- prehend in my confcience to be lawful and honeft. Here it is plain from the rea- fon of requiring this Oath, that it refers , and can refer to nothing but what this one Bithop than fee fit to require. It is plain that the laft words, in all lawful and hone things, refer to all the injuniions of this Bithop 5 and do fuppofe that every injun&ion He lays upon you may pof- fibly be unlawful, and difbonefl. If you fay they do not, how do you prove it? I am fure it is impoffible. If they do, then they refer as well to his injisn6 -lions in Cafes which the Canons reach to, as to Cafes which they reach not to and this being fo, this Oath hinders not in the lea t,