Hoadly - BX5136 H6

of CONFOKMITY. £39 leaf , but that you may demur upon the one fort of injlnaions, as well as upon the other. And that you your felt are judge of the lawfislnefs and honey of every com- mand is fo plain, that nothing can be Plainer. For what can thefe laic words fignify unlefs you be ? and ifyon be not, I pray, who is ? not the Bithop, it is plain; for the Oath fuppofes that every thing He commands maybe unlan'fnl. So that this appears to be the Cafe. Here is an Oath of Obedience to oneparticular Bifhop, as long as you remain in his Diocefe : here is no reference to any thing but the in- junlions of this particular Bifhop : here is no diítin&ion. made between his injun- ¿lions according to the Canons, andothers ; but all included and this obedience not left unrei rained and loofe, (as it is in other Oathswhich yet you do not fcruple) but determined only to things which you your felves think lawful and honeft. From whence I think thefe two things are plain. That this Oath can have no reference to the Canons, or any of them, but as they are matter of this particular Bifhop's injunctions : and that, when they are the matter of any of his injuncions, You have a liberty to demur upon then} as