Hoadly - BX5136 H6

14o The K.eafonablenef: as well as any other of his injunïlions, any thing in this Oath notwithftandìng. For theyare not the commands of thisBi- ¡hop, till he hath commanded the obier- vation of them : and when he .bath, Rill the Oath it felf fuppofes that it is potiible, every one of his commands maybe unlaw- ful. One thing more I add, and that is, that this Oath can refer to nonebutfuture commands ; becaufe it is to be taken with relation only to one particular perlon who never had any right to your obedience till this time. You come now under his jurildi&ion and Government: and from this time he is to give you direfions in the execution of your Office, and lay in- junaions upon you, as occafion requires ; and upon this account only is this Oath adminiftred to you. And if you would confider things in their due light, you muff acknowledge, that it is expreffed in words which give as much latitude, and as much liberty to them who take it, as the molt confcientious perlons upon earth could delire : Nay, I would gladly know inwhat words you would rather chufe to promife obedience to your Bithop ; and what Form you can devife, that could imply Abfolute Obedience lefs than this Botha