Hoadly - BX5136 H6

of CONFORMITY. 141 loth. But I now come to your ObjeCions againfl it. And here I do not find, that you at- tempt to prove that the words of the Oath do plainly lignifie an abfolute Obe- dience to every one of the Canons not ab- rogated by force Public4 A45 or that any Publick A61 of the Church declares, that Miners are underftood by this Oath to If fwear obedience to all Canons not fo ab- rogated : though fomewhat like this one might juftly expe±. Nor do I find that you judge thus of this Oath from the word Canonical inferted in it : for you fay the fame of that promife of Obedience to the Ordinary required of perfons to be Ordained , in which no fuch word is made ufe of. What then are the Reafons why this Oath is not to be complied with ? r. The Firfl is this ; becaufe as all Obedience hath a relation to the Mandates of thofe we are to obey : fo the Canons of the Church are the flated Laws of the Ec- clefiaflical Government : and therefore the Oath of Canonical Obedience which hath a reference to thefe Canons, carries in it a plain Obligation to complywith them, with- out leaving perfons at liberty which to obey, and