Hoadly - BX5136 H6

141 The Reafonablenefs and which to refilfe,&c. I have Ihewn before that this Oath cannot poffibly re fer to the Canons, but as they become the injunctions of one particular Bifhop and that it not only permits, but ob- liges all Minfiers, in effect, to refufe obe- dience to any of his injun&ions, when they appear not to them to be lawful and honeft. When I fwear obedience to one particular Perron (as the Cafe is here) this obedience bath no relation to the in- juncions of any Perfòns in the world ex- cept this one : and when T fwear Obe- dience to him only in things lawful and honefi, I oblige my felf to obedience in nothing but, what is to me lawful and honefl. Neither the Canons of the Church, nor any things antecedently required have the leaft relation to this Oath. Nor is the queftion here, whether theCanons be without fault ; but whether youwill obey this particular Bifhop, in all lawful and ho- veil things. Let me put a Cafe now which appears to me to be exactly parallel ; and which may ferve to explain yet more fully the point now before 'us. Suppofing you were now coming into this City, tó a& in form Inferiour O,ce under the In- fpeC on