Hoadly - BX5136 H6

Of CONFORMITY. 143 fpe&ionof the LordMayor, (who is one of the Chief-Oficers under his Prince, as the Bilhop is under jefus Chris) in the execution of which Office you might often have occafon to confult him, and he often find occafion to fend his Dire- &ions and It/pint-lions to you. Suppos- ing you were obliged upon your coming under his Jurifdi&ion, and within the Bounds of his Government, to take this Oath, Ifvear that, I will yield true and legal Obedience to the Lord-Mayor &e. in all lawful and hone things, I defire to know, i. Whether this Oath can havea e reference to all the Stated Laws by which the Lord-Mayor is to govern, any farther than as they are the matter of his Com- mands to you ? Or, whether it can pofiì- bly refer to any thing but this particular Governour's futureCommands ? confidering that the only Reafon why you are called upon to take it is, becaufe you are now coming to ad under his eye, and in an Inferiour Office, in which you are often to have DireFions from him? 2. Whe- ther a Legal Obedience to the Lord-Mayor can fignify any thing in this Oath, but fuch a fincere, honefi, fubmifiïve Obe- dience as the Laws require of an Inferiour Officer