Hoadly - BX5136 H6

144 The Reafonablenefc Officer to his Superiour, under whofe In- fpedion he is to ad ? confidering that the word Legal is join'd with Obedience, as the word Trite is, to explain what fort of Obedience is expe&ed : and as for the Extent of this Obedience, there are other words purpofely added to reikrain it to lawful , and honejl, things only. 3. Whether youmight not, any thing in this Oath notwithftanding, refute Obedi- ence to any commands of the Lord-Mayor that you apprehend to be unlawful , without enquiring whether thefe Corn- nrands be according to the Laws of the Land, or nó ? confidering that this Oath relates to nothing but the injunt1ions of this Governour. 4. Whether you might not honefaly take this Oath, without fo much as knowing what Laws the Lord- Mayor himfelf is obligad to a& by ; or what injunctions, it is probable, he will lay upon you; only refolving to yield Obedience to him, in all lawful and hone things ? confidering that the Occafion of this Oath, and the Words of it refrain this Obedience to the Directions of this particular Governour ; and that it is time enough for you to judge of the lawfulnefs of them, when they are fignified to you. 5. Whe-