Hoadly - BX5136 H6

50 The Reafonablenefs what is fufficient to remove this Reafon againft your conforming as Miniflers. From what path been laid it appears allo, that the Cafe of a Minfiler, in this matter, is not the fame with that of a Vice of Peace, as you reprefent it to be ; unlefs the Oath a Mice takes, be an Oath of Obedience to the Future Commands of one particular perron, under whole inlpetion He is to executehis Office : and unlefs the Obedience be limited to lawful and honeft things; and a liberty left him of demur- ring upon the Commands of his Supe- riours. But fuppofng thisOath of a Mini- f er had beenexpreiredafter the fame man- ner with that ofaViceof Peace ; doyou really think that a )u/lice binds himfelf to execute every particular Law of the Land not publickly abrogated when cal- led to ìt? Do you think that a Gentleman might not honeftly take upon him that Office, tho' hedid notfo much asknow all the Laws He might poffbly be called, one timeor other, to execute ; nay, tho' there wereLaws, not abrogated, which He was refolved never toexecute ; provided they were fuch as His Prince neither at prefent requires Him, nor would, in all probabi- lity, require Him to execute during his whole I