Hoadly - BX5136 H6

Of CONFORMITY. whole life ? fuch as weregrown to oníiant- verfally difufed, and that iy connived at ? to many would of you no own leffon Y Friends, or indeed to any :uflice in the whole Land. But I do not believe you think hardlyof any fuch Gentlemen; and yet none of their Superiours would let them openly explain their meaning, and fay, Thefe Laws Iwill execute, and thefe I will not. They certainly aEt fincerely and honeftly, in taking fuch an Oath, if they fatisfie their confciences as to thofe Laws which they themfelves may proba- bly, in the prefent flaw of things, be cal- led and required to execute. Now, I fay, fuppofing this Oath of Miniflers tobe par- allel to that of 7uflices, You are obliged either to thew that a juflice binds him- felf to the execution of every particular Law not abrogated (which you cannot do) or to make the fame allowances for Minflers as you cando, upon occafion, for others ; and not to think harder of them than you ufually do of others. But, 2. Another Capital Reafon (as you term it) why this Oath is fcrupled is, becau(e the Epifcopaí Government is managed by Chancellour's Courts, where Laymen excom- L 4 tim iicate, 5 I w