Hoadly - BX5136 H6

OfCONFORMITY. 153 mands of fome particular Men , and are drawn upwith fuch a limitation plainlyex- prefed, as you are forced tounderfland in almoíc everyother Oathyou take. I do not deny that it is poffîble you may fuller fome Inconvenience for refuting Obedience in force cafes. But it is but pofìble; and I do not think you can produce any In- ftances ofMinfiers who have fufferedany thing confiderable for it. But this is not the Point, what pofJble Inconveniences a Mini fier is liable to : but what Obedience he obligeth himfelf to, by the Oath we are now confidering : and to fay that he obligeth himfelf to anyblindfoldaging, is to fay what is dire&ly contrary to the Words and Defign of it. I {hall only now fet down the Oath before the Reader's face, and with it theTwo Interpretations; that which You have fixed upon it ; and that which I apprehend to be the only one ofwhich it is capable ; that fo he may the more eafily judge between us. The Oath is this, Ifwear that Iwill yield true and Canonical obedience to the Bifop of N. in ail lawful and hone things. Your Inter- pretation of it is this, I fwear that Iwill obey every one of the Canons, (not pub- iickly abrogated) as being antecedently oblióin,