Hoadly - BX5136 H6

154 The Rea fonablenefs obliging; and fuppofed to contain nothing but what is lawful and hone : and alfa that I will obey the future Commands of this Bifop in all lawful, and honed things. In whichyou are forced tomake the Oath confi t of two Parts, to oneof which you apply the Taft words; and to the other you do not : in one of whichyou promife a limited Obedience to the Commands of the Bithop; in the other an abfolute Obe- dience to fomething elfe : whereas the laft words do manifeflly rettrain all the Obedience promifed : and the Oath refers to nothing but the Commands of one Perlon. The Interpretation I apprehend to be the true one, and that of which alone it is capable, is this; I, now coming to ad under the eye and infpedion of this particular Bithop, do fivear, that I will yield a /rue Obedience" to Him, and f tch a (/ncere, ready, andfiibmijiveObedience as, by the Laws of the Church, is required of a Presbyter to his Bithop, in all things that, according to the hef light I have, I can apprehend to be lawful and honefl. This is the Oath, and thefe are the Two Interpretations; and let any one in the World judge, which is molt agreeable to the Delgn and Words of it. From what