Hoadly - BX5136 H6

Of COÑFORMITY. what I have faid on this Head, give me leave to Conclude, that it is fo far from being Egregious Dimulation to tale this Oath with a Referve to demur upon the Commands afterwards given, let them be what they will; that you cannot pofii- bly take this Oath in the plain fenfe of the words in which it is framed, with- out this referee , unlefs you make two Oaths of it, and make a dflin5Iion out of your own Heads incontinent with the words of it. But I have done. Only I defire it may be obferved, that for all thefe long and tragical Exclamations upon this Oath to the Bifbop, and Pro- mife of Obedience to the Ordinary, we have only Mr. Baxter, and one of his latI Books quoted; though for the other Heads of Accufation many others are added. Not that I think that what is here faid is ever the more to be rejeaed on this Account, if it appear reafonable; but yet, this is a prejudice againíi it, and a prefumption that the matter may a be mistaken, and his terrible Inve&ive mifapplied. But you will fay, What then ? Is no Obedience due from a Mini flex to the Canons? Yes, certainly ; but not by this Oath, 155