Hoadly - BX5136 H6

Of CONFORMITY. 157 quent Laws ? Or, fuch as that Obedience to them at this time cannot be performed ? Or, fuch as are generally difufed, and that difirfe not clandeítine, but known, andcon- nived at by all in Authority ? If they be, they concern not the prefent Minifters ; for they are obliged to obey no Law, Obe- dience towhich is not at prefent required : and need not trouble theinfelves about any Canons, but what are at prefent efreem- ed to be obliging. If they be not, I grant that they are certainly now fuppoièd to be in force ; and every, MinFier fuppofed . to be ready to comply with them, and obliged to do it. Now if you look into that Catalogue of Canons you have pro- duced, and feparate thofe of this latter fort from the others, I hope you will find upon the review, either that you are mi- ftaken in the fence you have put upon them ; or that I have in the foregoing Difcourfe propofed what is fufficient to prove it very lawful both for the Mi- nifters to pay Obedience to them , and for their Governonrs to require it. But however this be , I am fure it is not reafonable, nor juf}ifiable, for Perlons to Conform as Minifiers to a Church, in which there. are Laws laid down