Hoadly - BX5136 H6

1,58 TThe Reafonablenefs down for their Behaviour in their Office; '. ' and thefe Laws neither abrogated, nor difufed with connivence: to Conform, I fay, as Minfilers to fuch a Church, with- out a refolution of obeying thefe Laws. For this is not open and fair; it is putting a Deceit upon the Governours, who, tobe fure, doubt not but that all who offer themfelves to the Minfiry; are fatisfied in their Consciences of the lawfulnefs of acing according to thefe Prefcriptions. And, it looks not fincere for Men firíf to offer themfelves to the Minflry in this Church, which is in effect, to profefs that they are ready to conform to fuch of the Canons as relate to their Behaviour, and are now in force; and afterwards to aá as they think fit without regard to thefe Canons ._ Firfl, to make a thew of obedi- ence to thefe lams; and after this to aft clandeflinely till they are found out and cenfured ; and then to think it enough to fubmit to the penalty, which they muft do, whether they will or no. The Law was certainly made to be obeyed; and the penalty was not added to intimate that any might take their choice whe- ther they would conform to the law, or fubmit to that; or as if it were an indiffe- rent