Hoadly - BX5136 H6

The Realnablenefs find reafon to wonder, that inilead of . recommending Lay-Conformity to fuch whofe Confciences could heartily approve of it, and anEducation inanother way, you (till continue to advife, prepare, and ordain others to the Miniítry ; by that means laying what you account an infuä perable difficulty, which would other- wife bewanting,in the way towards fuch an Union as you fay you delire. Pardon us, ifwe cannot think, that this praEice is agreeable to that defire of Peace and Concord you exprefs, which feems to us ` as if You rather delr'd to prevent it, un- lefs it could be brought about wholly in your own way. But I return i. To give force account why this Re-ordination is infiíted upon, and pro- pofe forne reafons why it may be fubmit- ted to. Now the reafonablenefs of in(i- dingupon this appears from thisone pro- pofition, the truth of which tous is plain, acknowledg'd by Mr. Baxter, and not in the leaít call'd in que[tion in anyof your reafonings on thisHead, viz. That Epif See the A- copal Ordination is the regular orderly Ordi- bYid ment »ationfetled in the Church of Cbrift. This °f `te' being fo, as Mr. Baxter judges (in his di Yater's ¡ life, p. rum ionwith Mr. Jahufon) that the endwhy vs29. R-1