Hoadly - BX5136 H6

2 The Realnablenei Or, Is this the reafon you put your felves into the Mini{Iry, becaufe there are very few in the Church of England that take any care of Souls ; and that there is great occafion for your help ? If it be, why do ye officiate where there is no fuch occafion for you ; where nowant of the means of Salvation can be pretend- ed ? Or, if you fay there is need ev'ry where of all that will labour in the Mi- niflry, Confider whether this will not be a plea for the mofl unqualified in the world ; and give occafion, whether You ' will or no, to the greatefl irregularities imaginable ; for wherecan we {lop in ir- regularities, ifwe juffify thofe for which there is no abfolute neceffity ? Suppofing the Terms of Epifcopal Or- dination unreafonable, Can the good you propofe todo in an irregular way, coun- tervail the mifchief of fuch irregularities; taking into the account, on one fide, the good you could do in your privateCapa- cities,if you remain'd Lay-men; and,on the other fide, the dividing Principles, the Heats, the Uncharitablenefs, the Indecen- cies you encourage, andpropagate, whe- ther you defign it or no ?