Hoadly - BX5136 H6

...nF, OfCONFORMITY. Or, Mufl you beordain'd to theMni- fry for the benefit of thofe amongft the People who cannot fubmit to the admi- niftration of the Sacraments according to the Ufe ofthe Church ofEngland? And are you forc'd to this irregular way, on this account ? If this were truly the rea- fon, youwould certainly prefs conformity upon thofe who can fubrnit to it ; You would receive and encourage no fuch you would help in the removal of thofe prejudices and groundlefs fcruples, and teach them how to tolerate what they cannot amend ; and, agreeably to this,you would receive none but fuch as had in- vincible objeaions againfl Communion withour Church: but not feeing a Praaice correfpondent to this plea , we cannot think this to be the true Reafon. But if it be, we delire you toconfider, whether you do not by this give too much coun- tenance to a contempt of all Ecclefiaflical Authority ; whether do you not give too much encouragement to thofe who fepa: rate from us with the rankeft uncharita- blenefs ; and receive and cherifh thofe who rail at our whole worfhip as Idola- trous, Antichriflian, Popifh, and intolera- ble ; or, whether it be fit, that they who think