Hoadly - BX5136 H6

f . The Reafonablene f think fuch Prejudices groundlefs, Mould be fo fond of adding life and conti- nuance to them, as, rather than not do ir, to tranfgrefs the order fetled in the Church. The Qrueífion is , what neceffity is there for your Ordination in the Mini- fry ? and when you have thought ofthis neceffity, fee if the fame neceJ/ïty may not be pleaded for 'farther irregularities ; fee if it might not have been pleaded in all ages of the Church ; and confider whe- ther fuch unwarrantableOrdinations do not tend to the contempt of a1d Inflitutions and Ordinances, as we judge they do. Thefeki ieflions, and fuch like, confide. red, and anfwer'd with all the ferioufnefs the fubjea requires, if they do not fatif- fy you, yet they will ferve to give you fame account why we infifc upon Epifeo- pal Ordination, and dare not give fo open an encouragement to Irregularity as you feem to expe&. Epifcopal Ordination (fays Mr. Baxter) is to be fought for Land where there is not an abfolute neceffity God does not ap- prove of irregular Ordinations Youhave not a neceffity (as we jùdge) fo abfoluteand fo apparent, as will juftify that