Hoadly - BX5136 H6

of CONFORMITY. that negleE you have put upon the fet- led Order of the Church, and the irre- gular methodyou have taken ; Therefore, we dare not as as if we thought God had approv'd your Ordina- tion, till` you Thew us this manifeft and undeniable necel ity ; and fo darenot ac- knowledge you Minifters without Epif: copal Ordination. And we judge it very hard, that this Thould be nurnber'd, amongft the unrea- fonable terms of Minifterial Conformity ; whenwe think the whole point is, whe- ther the other terms be unreafonable, and fufficient to juftify a feparation, or no. For, if they be, and it can be prov'd; this will prove fuch a neceTlity as will juftify Irregular Ordinations, and demonftrate that God approv'd your Ordination :But if they be not, then no fuch necefiìty was laid upon you ; and it cannot be prov'd that God approv'd your Ordination, or that it is hard for you to fubmit to a re.- ular Ordination. Andwedelireyou toconfder,whether, whilft you argue againft this under the general name of Difenters, you do not `argue for manyignorantMechanicks,who cannot properly be faid to have had any oral-.