Hoadly - BX5136 H6

16 The Rea f nablenef ordination but a pretended inward Call and for a great number ofmen, of whom Mr. Baxter complain'd longago that they made too light of One thingmore I am led tó fay upon this SubjeE, and that is, fuppofng there was a neceífity of feeking Irregular Ordi- nations, fuch a neceifity as arofeonly from the badnefs of the times, when Bithops were put down in England, which we are allowed by Mr. Calarny to think was the cafe of the ejected Minifiers : yet this ne- ceffity could juifify the Ordination no ,longer than it laf[ed ; and when they " were reílor'd, the Ordination was null, and another to be fought for in a regular way. ThisI fay, fuppofing this truly the cafe, and the irregular praaice grounded only upon this reafon : and this Mr. Baxter leads me to, by the parallel in- {lances He produces in his Paper about regular Ordinations. They are thefe, in an affault ofan Enemy; and the abfence of a Commander, an experienc'd Soldier who 014 ' !II has nocommifon may fupply the place of a Commander. The neceffity anfwers for 41111 4 mander, if, when there is no necethe irregularity, while the neceffity laíhs. But wouldHe be acknowledg'd a Come fiity,He thould Abridg- rant p. 1B 7. P g31