Hoadly - BX5136 H6

of CONFORMITY. fhould ítill pretend tó that office without, another Commiffion in a regular way ? Neceffitygives a man a Licenfe topraaife Phyfick, in anextraordinary cafe, and when He can have no Licenfe in a regular way. Has He therefore a Licenfe to praaife when this neceffity is gone, or does that Licenfe which neceffity gives laft any longer than the neceffity it felf? At a time when it is impoffible to procure a Commiffion from the King, fuppofe any Perfon, upon the manifeft danger of that Kingdom, íhould take up- on Him to beLord Deputy of Ireland; that neceffity would make all his aas valid whiff it laí}ed: but when He couldhave a formal CommiJlion from the King, and would not , is it fit He should be ac- knowledg'd as Governur? or, Is the Pow- er, which neceffity convey'd to Him, af- ter that to be obey'd ? As, therefore, in thefe cafes,Necefjity gives a Commiffion to thefe Perfons, and we allow of this necf fity ; as they haveas much power to aE upon this neceffity as if theyhad á Corn= miffion in the mo(t regular way ; and as they cannot be acknowledg'd to as by Commifiori when they may,but will not, have it in a regular way,and the neceffity C ceafes