Hoadly - BX5136 H6

r, i S The Reafonablenefs ceafes : fo let it be in the cafe before us. A real neceffity gives you a Commiffion to ac%, and togo out of the regular way. This neceífity makes all your aas valid whiff it kits : and they remain valid be- caufe they depend entirely upon the Pow- er you had at the time they were done, and not at all upon the Power you have afterwards. But ifyou refufe to takeout commiífions in a regular way, when that neceffity is gone ; you have no more pre- tence toPower and Authority, than the Perfons in theCafes before-mention'd. I fee not what can be objeaed here, unlefs it be this. Since we allow you no Authority in what you donow;and donot think that God approves ofyour Ordinati- on,now you may haveEpifcopalOrdination, and refufe it ; why dowe not infift upon the rebaptizing of thole, who are baptiz'd by you 6.c.? why do we allow youraas valid now we grant no neceufity ? to which Mr. Baxter furnifhes us with a re- P 133' ply. If the Lord-Deputy of Ireland were dead,and onefhouldfo counterfeit the King's Nand andSeal, as that the Nobles and Peo- ple could not difcern it, and fhould annex this to a grant for the Place, and fhew it to the People, and claim the Power by it ; i