Hoadly - BX5136 H6

of CONFORMITY. 19 if this man continue the exercife of this Power for a Tear before the deceit be dif cover'd, all his actions muff be valid as to the benefit of the Common-wealth, tho' they are treafonable to Himfelf. From which it is plain, That, as the Honeft People ought not, to fuffer for the treafon of their pretendedGovernour ; fo God will takecare that the truly honeft People Than receive no hurt for the fault of others ; that, as the Ding may approve of the a- nions themfelves,as they refpe& the Peo- ple; and yet not approve of the perfon's pretenfions tohis authority; fo Almighty God may approve of the anions of Minifters as they refpea the honeft and well-meaning People; and yet not approve at all of the ifrfinifter, confider'd as fuch ; that,as the Governour's anions were valid, tho' He had really no commiffion; fo the anions of a minifler may be valid, and yet his Ordination no proper Ordination ; which was the thing I defign'd to prove from this inflance. Indeed Mr. Baxter feems jufl before, to lay it down for A truth that if the actions are not mill, nei- ther tan the ordinations. But, if this in- fiance do not plainly prove the contra- ry I conefs I cannot underfland it, viz. C 2 th4t rt