Hoadly - BX5136 H6

M The Rearonablenefi that the ordination may be none at all, and yet the actions not null. For it is the in- fiance of one who hasno commiffion, but is guilty ofTreafon in what he does ; and yet the People are not to fuffer for this, becaufe it was itmpoilble for them to dif- cern it; and fo his aaionsare not null: and yet He muff have a realCommi{fion from the !Ong, before He can aE in that poft again. Theparallel to thisGovernour and his People, is the Minifter and his People. As the Governour has no authority, and yet his aas are valid; fo the Minifter may have no authority from God onhis part, and yet his anions may be valid as to the people ; Almighty God not permitting them to fuffer for the fault ofothers. This too may ferve to give force ac- count of the blel /ing of Heaven attending yourfacred Miniflrations, which you feem to us, to fpeak of too often ; becaufe if this may be allowed as an argument that ,, God approv'd your ordination, all parties in the World will claim it ; and the molt irregular will plead it, and patronizeun- der it the greatelt irregularities imagin- able. Pray confider this, Here is a pre- tended Governour with noComm:A on ; ma- ny of his a&ions are perhaps for the good of