Hoadly - BX5136 H6

of CONFORMITY. 2! of theCommon - wealth ; and yet this is no argument that he had a Commion, 'or that the Ding approv'd ofhis acing in his name. So here, The Anions ofa Mini - fier may be for the good of many honer Perfons ; and yet this is no Argument that God approves his Irregular Ordina- tion. The Bleffing, whenever it is, is a reward to the Honefly of the well-mean- ing People; andought not to be interpre- ted as an approbationof theAuthority of the Minifler: as the King's permitting the anions ofthat pretended Governour to be valid, is due to the Honefry of the People whocould not find out the deceit;but can- not be thought an approbation ofthe pre- tences of that Perfon, who was guilty of Treafon, in counterfeiting his Hand and Seal. The refult of what I have faid is this. Thofe ofYou whowereordain'd by Pref- biters, without Bifhops, becaufe Epifcopal Ordination could not be had (which Mr. Calamy gives us leave to take for the true reafon) we acknowledge to have had a realOrdination;and yourAuthority to have lafled as long as that neceffity tailed ; and confequently,all yourAasvalid,even as to the authorityofthem ; thisnecefty making them fo as effeaually as if you had had C 3 regular