Hoadly - BX5136 H6

of CONFORMITY. you defign it. Confider this, and fee if therebe no reafon why you fhould com., ply in this point ;at leaf, ifthere be no rea- fon for us to requefr you not to go on to lay this unneceffary bar in the way of others. 2. Having thus given fome account of the reafons of what we require in this point, I will now confider thofe Objeai- ons I find offer'd in your. Names againfl it. Amongft which I donot find any tak- en from the unreafonablenefs of Epifcopal Ordination; or any thing faid againft it ; but all that is objeaed is drawn from that unhappy circumílance of an Ordina- tion before. And this being fUll the cafe, I (hall endeavour, if what I have faid be- fore be not fatisfaEory, to remove thefe Scruples. What I find urg'd is compre- hended under thefe three Heads. r. The Peace ofyour own Confciences. 2. Thecredit :of the reformed Churchesa- broad. 3. The Scruples ofyour own Peo- ple. For, as to nullifyingyour pg. Ordina- tions, I hope, I have faid what is fufficient. z. As to the Peace of your Confciences, we are not for perfuading You to at a- gainfl~ your Confciences ; to prevaricate orplay with holy Things. But, if what I have laid downbefore be true, that an it- C 4 regular 23