Hoadly - BX5136 H6

s4. The Rea f nablene f s regular Ordination is none at all, when there is no abfolue neceffity ; and, fuppo- fing there was anabfolute neceffity, that it lafis no longer than that neceffity falls ; here can be no Playing with Holy Things, to feek it in a regular way ; becaufe, ac- cording to this reafoning, You are whol- ly unqualified to aa as Miniflers without it. And we profs it upon you ferioufly to confider, if this be not a fair and reafo- cable Account of the Matter. 2. As to theCredit of the reformedChur- ches abroad, we think it no Prefumption, as we cenfure not them, who in a Cafe of neceffity went out of the ordinary me- thod, fo to expeE they will not cenfure is for not approving Irregularities, when there is no fuch neceffity for them. And we judge that youyour felves AEt as you think just and reafonable,without that re- gard to them here pretended ; and (hall judge fo, till we fee you remove, alter,- and _ reform ev'ry thing amongfc you which the Reformed Churches abroad difprove, either in their Declaratiöns, or their Praaice. Nor do we think you would allow it a good Argument for our ïnfifiing upon this, if we could produce Reformed Churches abroad of the fame O- pinion