Hoadly - BX5136 H6

of CONFORM ITY. pinion with us in this Point, unlefs you were otherwife convinc'd. 3. As to the Scruples ofyour People, we defire to know, whether you will allow it a good Argument for our infifting upon this, that if we fhouldadmit You into the Miniftry without it, this will raife end- le¡s Scruples in the Minds of our belt and moll underfianding People;to fee Men ad- mitted, and acknowledg'd as Miniffers, whohave, without añ abfolute necefíity, as they think , departed from the fetled methodofOrdination, andwilfully fought irregular Ordinations. Now fence We, as well as You, have this Plea ; is it not more fitting that this Plea Mould be laid afide than urg'd as an Argument againfit Vs ? is it not more becoming, on each fide, to ar- gue from the reafonablenefs or unreafon- ablenefs of the thing it felf, than from the Scruples of the People ? unlefs perhaps it be worth while toenquire, whether the Scruples on the part of Regular Ordinations be not to be much more regarded, than the Scruples on the part of Irregular Or- dinations. We defire you to confider, whether, ifyou your felves were fatisfied of the reafonablenefs of this, You have not influence enough upon your Peopic . 'to ;.3