Hoadly - BX5136 H6

The Reafnablenefi toperfuade them againfl unreafonablefcru. pies. A thing, which ifyou had ferioufly undertaken, how much good might you have done ! how much Evil might you have prevented ! Now, ifyou cannot agree to this, becaufe the thing is unreafonable why are the People's Scruples pretended? If the thing be reafonable, and yet not tobe done becaufe it would raife Scruples in the People ;then it is a good argument for not doing a reafonable thing, that it will raife feruples inothers.But this we hardly think to be your opinion, becaufe this would be laying a neceffity upon your felves very often of aEIing unreafonably : and alto, becaufe we conceive your practice to be a- gainfr this. Nothing can raife more end- lefsferuples inyour people, than Occafonal Communion with a Church, fromwhich you have made a formal Separation. 'They have been fill'dwith amazement and un- cafinefs, and have not knownwhich way to turn themfelves ; and perhaps have been induc'd by it to ftretch their own Con fciencesa little,and furnifh themfelves with diffin&ions , againíf they fhould have occafion for them. And the reafons for this condu&, ifI remember right, are declared to be fuck as the People are hard- ly