Hoadly - BX5136 H6

T a The Reafnablenef I do here teflifie my higheft juftificatiort and condemnation of every Point and Syllable, every Rite and Ceremony, e- very matter and thing, contained in the whole book and in every page and line ofit. I need not ask the Reader whether there be no difference ; and whether the latter be not fomewhat more than an in- terpretation of the former. But what follows is much worfe than this. I little thought indeed from force parts of Mr. Calamy's Book ; from his fevere re- flexions upon any that have treated the Nonconformifls after the fame manner.; from that great regard to Peace, Truth, andDecency, He every where profeffeth; I little thought, I fay, to meet with fuck Stuff (quoted out of an Authour feleaed for that purpofe) as He knows in his con - fcience is nothing to the argument He is" upon;and only tends to vilifie and ridicule the Common-Prayer Book, and Strengthen the unreafonable prejudices of the multi- tude againft it. But how feverely foever He refle& upon others ; yet, He himfeif, in treating of publick declarations, cannot forbear (as he expre%s it) tranfcribing from one private and unregarded Au- thour , a paf fade, becaufe it is admirable fir