Hoadly - BX5136 H6

©f CbwFor.Mrttt. for itspeculiarity; and cannotforbear to talk as ifit was requir'd in theGhurchofEng land to believe that e'ry tittleofthe Commonpray- er Book was dilated by the Holy Ghofi;and as ifthe Poor Nonconformifis hadbeen ejeaed for not having the Spirit ofdifcerning this. You cannot take it amifs if I express my felfwith forceHeat upon fuch an oc- cation ; becaufe thefe things fet us at ail irreconcilable diflance from one another; and it may juttly be demanded of you, either to difcountenance fuch praaices a- mongfl your felves, or elfe to allow and approve them in others as well as your felves. For I leave it to you to confider ifthis be jut(. This perfon (I give it you, as near as I can, in his own words upon a like occafion) having met with a weak paf Page ofone Conforming Minifer, produ,0 ces it for matter ofReproach é and having found forne crude and hnmeet exprefons drop'd by a private Perfon, he brings them forth, efleeming him tofpeak asfoolifhly as hecould clef/re, andonly fuchfly things as he knew he could eafilyfhame. Andthence he ar- gues againfi approving, orbeingfond of, the Common-Prayer Book,as ifamanfhouldgo to prove thel>Vorfhip of ChrifiiansorProteftant.â foolifh, becaufe there areforce weak perfon. , .AbrMg' ment p.` 58 .