Hoadly - BX5136 H6

34 The Reafonablenefs to befoundamong them. This method of arguing is too muchfuited to the Humours of thofe, who not only hate the Conformifts, but are defpifers, and deriders of allferious Worfhip and Devotion, who are hereby c©nfirm'd in their contempt and fcorn of Woríhip and Devotion in general. Or, If He rather choofe the reproof of Sir Ma- thew Hale, than his own ; He may find it in the fame page, and He will eally fee how to apply it to himfelf. And how much more jufily it belongs to this Author, than to that perfon on whom he hash fixed it,will appear,if weconfider the difference of the two cafes. For it is one thing to expofe what is very weak and filly and thence to argue againft that only which is founded upon what is fo weakand filly ; and another thing to pro- duce what is weak and ridiculous, as an argument againft what is not fo. It is one thing to gather together the follies ofmanyPerfons, and to expofeonly thefe follies ; and another thing to bring forth ridiculous fluffout of one negleaed Au- thor, and from thence to argue againft beingfondofa Book, out ofwhich no fuch ridiculous Stuff can be quoted. This in- deed is exaaly (in Mr. C's own words) AS