Hoadly - BX5136 H6

ofCONFORMITY. ,s if one fhould argue againfi Chrifiianity from the weaknefs offame who have defend- ed it; but, how the expofing the weak- neffes amongfr force of it's profeffors can be fo interpreted, I cannot fee. For if there be reafonings, and expreffions, that deferve this way of treatment ; and this be often the molt fuccefsful way of hand- ling them ; perhaps the good that it may do one way, will countervail the rnif- chief it can do another. And I find ve- ry wife and ferious perfons, your felves, and your own advocates, as well as others, of this opinion ; ifwe may judge by their praaice. I bave feen the filly reafonings ofa Popifh Advocate expos'd, even when they concern'd the grounds of Chriílian- ity : I have feen the follies of force con- forming Preachers made ridiculous : and both as I thought, not with any difadvan- tage to the commonChriftianity. And if there be force, the grounds of whofe Nonconformity are fo weak, as you feem to grant ; why may not thefe be thus treated, fo long as what is not fo ridicu- lous be not expofed for the fake of what is ? Expofe thefe Quotations, you have here made, as much as you pleafe, it will neither offend us, not hurt our caute; but D 2 rather 35