Hoadly - BX5136 H6

The Rea[onablene f rather help to put, an end to fuch ridicu- lous arguments : but do not produce them as arguments againft Affent, and Content ; or againft approving the Common- Prayer Book, in which there is not the leaft fhadow of any thing like them. This is what comes under the cenfure of all good Chriltians. This is falfe Logick, as well as unbecoming;profeffedly teaching men to think ill of what is good, for the fake ofwhat is bad. Pardon this digref- fion: Icould not help taking notice of this ungrateful and unfeafonable paffage, as it carne in my way. What I have faid is not to be taken,as ifI delighted in fuch a way of writing : but only as oppofed to one, who bath been fo fevere upon others, and yet hath fo fadly offended himfelf. I now return with much morewillingnefs to en- deavour your fatisfaaion in the point we are now upon. And, in order to this, I muff entreat you to confider, z. That we are commanded to con- fine this Aßent, and Confent, to the ufe of all things contain'd, and 'prefcrib'd,in this Book, by the exprefs words of the ALI it felf ; and forbid plainly by it to refer the Confènt to the ufe of all things, and the Afient to the truth of every propofition, as,