Hoadly - BX5136 H6

Of CONFORMITY. as you do; as plainly _forbid as we can be. For the AE it felf applies both thefe words to the ufe, and the ufe, only; injoyn- ing the Minifier to declare his Afent and Confent both, to the ufe ofall things in this Book. . Whoever, therefore, declares his Af{ent to the truth of every propöftion in it, and his content to the ufe of every thing prefcrib'd in it ; tho' he do not do more than he himfelf may think lawful ; yet He certainly does more than this 4a requires, and muff be at fotne pains to reconcile it with the intent of the A} plainly declared. You Mall declare both your A.jent, and Confent, to the are ofall things in this Book, fags the At expref- ly. No, .fay fame, Rather than we will do this, we will make a difficulty here, and fay that we, are required to Confent to one thing, and Agent toanother. By what authority, I pray you, can this be done ? You can plead no foundation for this in the intent of the Act, as far as it is declared ; becaufe that determines one as well as the other, gent as well as Content, only to theufe of theBook. So that the AEt does not leaveyou at liber- ty, ifyou would never fo fain, to make this declaration in your hard Senfe ; for; D3 it 37