Hoadly - BX5136 H6

t,i The Reafnablenef there is a great deal ofdifference between thefe two propohtions, i.very individual Child, whom the Minijier receives to Bap- tifn, whether he is a qualifiedfubjea ofBap- tifm or not, dying after this, without aítual fin isfaved,and,Children whichare Baptiz'd according toGod's word, dying without aciu- al Sin, arefaved : and remember, that you can never prove the words to be incapa- ble of this Senfe ; or that any other was ever intended, or fo much as thought of by . thefe who plac'd them here. And that you your felves fometimes under- * Hand it without reference to this Church, or this office, is plain from your fuppofed inflance which follows. And Pure you cannot think, if this wasPaid of Baptiz'd Children in general, without refpea to the pre/criptions of this, or any other Church, that any children were intend- ,. ed by it, but fuch as are dui Baptiz'd, and admitted into the Church according to God's will. Indeed if you demand fuch a text of Scripture for the Salvation of fome whom, you fay, our Church ad- mits to Baptifm, as you produce for their damnation ; we acknowledge, we fh'all ne- ver be folicitous to produce one: We freely confefs our ignorance ; and own that w