Hoadly - BX5136 H6

rl of CONFORMITY. we are fo foolifh as to think that, in the Second Commandment , Almighty Cod , neither by Children underflood Infants dy- ing beforeactualfin ; nor in the punifhment He fpeaks of there, had the leaft refpeEt to their condition in another World; nay, we judge it contrary to his nature, and all his declarations, to determine the fu- ture elate of any perfon by the behavi- our of another. If this be all that might make the matter dubious, I'm Pure it may be as true a propofition as ever was laid down for all this. And when you can Thew that this Text ought to be under- flood either of fuch Infants, or of thepu- nijhments of another world, I will under- take to produce as many as you can de- mand for the falvation of all Infants. What is farther objeled is taken from i force fuppofed Cafes, def'tgn'd to prove that according to thisdoEtrine it is in the power of Men to rive Salvation. We muff confefs that we are utterly at a lofs what to fay to fuch objeaions ; and utterly fur- priz'd, when we meet with fuchdiítant andextraordinary fuppofitionsdrawn into prove the falfhood ofa propofition fram'd for a ChriflianCountry, and relating only to Childrenduly baptiz'd, But we reply, that 47