Hoadly - BX5136 H6

e... The Rea f nablene f that this Salvation depends wholly upon God's accepting the perfons (which this Rubric obligeth us not to affirm He does, in fuch cafes as you here put) and that your fuppofed ftian Hing has nomore real power of giving falvation to Infants (tho',, it Mouldbe true that the Infants he xnurthers are fav'd) than a Pagan King wouldhave, Mouldheconquer aCountry ofgood Chriftians and kill themall imme- diately ; and yet it may be true that all good Chriftians arefav'd ; or no more than every good Chriftian has the gifi of Sal- vation in his power when he brings his Child to Baptifm: nay, no more than a Poper, or any diftemper that kills them has the gift of Salvation in its power. Give me leave to tell you, that it is fuch unaccountable objeétions as this ; the ffrefs that feems to be laid upon them ; and the fludy with which they appear to have been fought for ; that make fome in the world fo apt to sufpe&, and fo forward to declare, that No agreement can ever be hop'd for. But I muff not forget to fay fomcthing to this"Paptifrrnal Regeneration which you objea againft.. I am fo little acquainted with the Art ofDijinguifbing,tht I know