Hoadly - BX5136 H6

of CONFORMITY. dodifference between a regeneration and á real regeneration. If there be a regene- ration, I think it is real : and ifthere be á real regeneratiòn, it is to be afcribed to the Spirit ofGod. And becaufe it always appear'd tome that whoever was receiv- ed into the Chriftian Church by God's Minifter, with Prayers direaed by the Congregation toGod, andwith fufficient fecurity for his good education, was du- ly received and according to God's will ; I never doubted but that God received fuch to his favour, and heard the Pray- ers ofhis People, and approved of their Baptifm: and becaufe I thought they were duly made Chriflians,I could not but think the Holy Spirit of God raided in therm as they were now the Temples ofGod. The Scripture leads us to think thus; and,con- fequently, to think,that they are regenera- ted (in the Scripture- notion of that word) as they aréenter'd intothis new eftate;and that by the Holy Ghofl, as they aré inti- túled to all his influences and a(fillances, purchafed by the blood of Chrift. We' know not of any thing inScriptúre to in- duce us to think otherwife; and,therefore, wedo not feparate what Sr. Paul hath ;Oyn'd together, the wafhing of regenerd- E tio4 49 e