Hoadly - BX5136 H6

50 The Reafnablenefs tion, and renewing of the Holy Cho, Tit. 3. 5. in fpeaking ofthe whole Chriflian Church. But we can hardly perfuade our felves that you believe as you (peak, when you fay, your Reafon for not con- curring with us in this, is, forfear ofcon- tributing to the bardning of carelefs men in the opinion that they are regenerate, and need nofarther care. We, on the; contra- ry, think the point now before us a per- fuafive argument to the greatefi care and diligence. For if men were regenerated by the Holy Ghofi, and made the Temples ofGod by Baptifm, how much does it con- cern them to live as fuch ; not to defile the temple ofGod, or drive his Spirit from them ? And in this we flatter our felves that we imitate St. Paul, and the other Apoftles, who in their writings have faid this very thing, and all the glorious things imaginableofall profeffed Baptiz'd Chri- f{ians in general ; andyet never thought them anencouragement to fecurity,but al- ways infifled on them as the propereft ar- guments to the greateft careand diligence. And it would be worthwhile to enquire, whether the fame obje&ions do not lye a- gainft what St. Paul affirms of Baptiz.'d ChriJtians, as do againft what our Church fays of them. The