Hoadly - BX5136 H6

of CONFORMITY. Theonly difficulty here, as I think, is the admitting all Corners toBaptifm, with- out a liberty of refufing the Children of In- fidels, or the moll fcandalous Sinners, pro- vided they have but fponfours, as you ex- prefs it. Now this office of our Church was certainly fram'd for aChri(tian Coun- try ; a Country where all were profeffed Chriftians, and refpeas the Children of fuck. And, as for thofe extraordinary Ca- fes in whichour Church is fuppofed to al- low Baptifm, where is thegreat fault, and where is the ill confequence of thinking, that, if any perfons folemnly undertake the good and Chriftian education of a Child, they have hereby a fufficient right to devote him to God ; that the Church hath fufficient reafon to receive the Infant; that God will, ofhis infinite mercy, in re- gard to their Prayers and good defigns look favourably upon him ? I fay, where is the crime of thinking this ? what great defign of Chriftianity, what precept of the Gofpel doth this contradiE ? But I know not that Baptifm may not, accord- ing to the Church of England, be denied to the Children of Atheifts, yews, Infidels &c. For the Office fuppofes a Chriiiian Country, and Chriflian Parents. And,as E 2 for 5 i