Hoadly - BX5136 H6

The Reafnablenefi for the Children of Profeffed Chriftians, I account the Projeflïon of Chri(fianity their Parents fufficient to entitle them to Baptifm; as I find,in the Apoffle's days, the Profeon only of Faith in Chrift (whe- ther fincere or not) was fufficient toenti- tle any to it. To proceed, 2. 'The Second Objetrtion againft this Afent, Confent, and Subfcription, is this, that they extend to the ufe of Godfathers and Godmothers in Baptifm, to the Fxcluf- on ofParents. But here we muff com- plain that this is not truly and fairly re- prefented ; but exprefs'd fo as heft ferves to raife and encreafe the averfion of the people to the Church. We delire you toconfider, whether the Parents be not to provide thefe fponfours ; whether the Parents, in providing what the Church thinks requifite, and offering their Chil- dren to Baptifm, with this fecurity for their good education, do not truly and properly themfelves devote their Chil- dren by Baptifm to God ; whether this be not their own aEf and deed as much as if they had nofponfours ;whether any Chri- ffian may not engage himielf folemnly for the good education of another ; and whether his own willingnefs , do not give