Hoadly - BX5136 H6

Of CONFORMITY. give him right fufficient to do this ; whe- ther the Parents own a&, where there are Parents, in offering the Child to Baptifm, and providing thefefponfours in order to it,be not fuppofed in the Office, and, con- fequently, whether their Faith (in all or- dinary Cafes) be not the fuppofedground of the Child's Baptifm (according to our Church) as the Country is Ghriftian, and as the Parents are required to provide for their Children thefe fponfours ; and, lafF- ly, whether the groffeft abufe of an in- ftitution, which, if it were but duly re- garded, would be moft ufeful, be a fuffi- cient argument again{± the inf'titution it felf. Now, if the Parents be to provide theft Sponfours, why fhould it be urg'd, that they are not requir'd to be choien with due Care; when this certainly will be proportionable to the care and con- cern the Parents themfelves have for their Children ;and ifthey have none,how will the matter be mended by admitting the Parents without the Span/Ours? And we imagine, that if you had been as diligent in finding out ufeful C4nons, as tbófe you account fo liable to exception, you would have feen one that [hews, that they who require Godfathers and God mothers, rea g 3 ç uire 53